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Frequently Asked Questions

Your referral, need an Premium Package, you can earn easy money, if you refer Companies, or other Projects, we offer you Commision Rate until September, of 50 Percent, and minimum Payout of 50 Euros. Our Service is easily to offer, and better to many others Link Shortener. We have a free QR Code Generator, and a Custom Page, for Social Media. If you have a Webproject, or a Newsletter List, and need more Informations nd AdTools, write us please to [email protected]be

URL shortening for affiliate links This article mentions what URL shortening is and what tools affiliates can use to shorten their affiliate links. URL or link shortening is used predominantly on social media to enable long URLs to fit within character restrictions (and to make links look nicer too). You should use shortened links in your social channel bios also.

These are the main benefits of using link shortening. However, tracking of clicks via that short link may also be beneficial to you We use amazing analytics, you get freebies for your marketing services, you are a winner with us on the side. Register now, and reserve your custom slug

  • We use godly.be as our main Page Domain,
  • but will have soon more than 10 Domains, you can choose of
  • You can use your Domain, so it's like your own URL Shortener
  • It´s mostly free It´s not only safe, but it´s also safe for SEO, good for SEO, and marketing and targeting reasons, we are the pros in this business

We will send you, top-secret and high valueable Tipps hacks for your affiliate business

  • Gather click data

  • Short long links

  • Categorize, and make notes

  • Make Bundles, and Favorites

  • Use many Links, and let rotate them

  • Mask or rewrite URLs

  • Use Parameters

  • Use Custom Domains

  • Use your own Domains

  • Make Advertisment

  • Splash Pages

  • Special: Make your Bio, with Links, Infos, Vcard and more Tools

  • Use the Power of QR Codes

  • Analyze every click, from every Plattform

  • and more, with a powerful Dashboard