Why you should use Brave Browser in 2021

Why you should use Brave Browser in 2021


Brave Browser now pays you for surfing in BAT

The Web is overloaded and broken. With this premise the Brave Browser was developed. Maybe you've already heard of the browser* if you're concerned with privacy. In fact, Brave offers built-in blockers for ads and trackers. Brave also includes the Ethereum blockchain-based BAT (Basic Attention Token). This is the currency that Brave uses. The browser itself is based on Chromium.

Tip: If you use Brave a lot, you sometimes get BAT as a gift. This way you can experiment a bit with the system.

You get paid for watching ads!
The developers have now announced that users of the desktop versions can now have advertisements displayed, for which they will then be paid with BAT. So if you use the browser on Linux, macOS or Windows, you can join in. I'll say a few words about Android later. 70 percent of the revenue from Brave Ads goes to you. In addition, you will not be tracked or spied on with this advertising.

If you enter the URL brave://rewards/ in your browser, the corresponding settings will open. By the way, the program will be launched in Germany, the USA, Canada, France and Great Britain. So we're on board.

Brave Rewards are live - earn BAT!

Of course, you can also choose not to participate in the program. Furthermore, you may post here to support various websites that participate in the program. More about that later. According to the developers, the program is compliant with the GDPR and you have control over it.

How does it work with the ads? Are they annoying?
The ads don't fly across the screen when it's most annoying imaginable, but you get a notice that an ad is available. If you click on the advertisement, a whole page opens for it in a new tab. Users are also allowed to decide how much advertising they want to see.

User privacy is respected and no personal data is shared. Data collection on a large scale is not supported by Brave.

As mentioned earlier, you get 70 percent of the earnings and that is in the form of BAT. The wallet is integrated into the browser. You can use the BAT to support websites and so on. Soon you will be able to use BAT for other things as well. For example, vouchers for restaurants are planned or vouchers via the TAP network. Currently, the developers are also working on the possibility to get BAT out of the wallet and exchange it for FIAT. This is not possible at the moment. You either have to spend your BAT again or hoard it.

The browser learns, by the way, and based on that you will be served ads. The language is also a criterion. But all this happens locally and you are no longer part of the mass surveillance.

In the course of the year, there will also be publisher-integrated ads, for or against which users can also decide. Of that, 70 percent of the revenue will go to the content creators and 15 percent will go to the people who view the ads. The remaining 15 percent goes to the developers.

Will this also work with Android?
For Android, the feature is supposed to come soon. A few days ago, however, there was big news for Android as well. As of now, Brave Rewards are also available on Android. So you can support content creators as you can see in the screenshot below.

By the way, the Rewards settings also tell you if a website is a certified publisher or not. I signed up for the program a long time ago and now I'm curious to see what happens.

By the way, what I really like about the Android version is that the toolbar or control panel is at the bottom and not at the top like Chrome. Why Google has changed this again or prevented, I can not understand until today. Especially on the smartphone, the toolbar at the bottom is so much more convenient.

Extensions work of course
Since the browser is based on Chromium, extensions from the corresponding store work of course. For example, my browser extension from NordVPN (cheap and fast!)* installed without any problems. It also works, as you can see.


Brave for Publishers

Brave Ads campaigns are now supported in 183 countries.

With a CTR (click-through rate) of 9% (90 day platform average), Brave Ads continue to excel, compared to the 2% industry average. Certain brands are seeing up to 15% CTR. With over 1 billion ad confirmation events to date, Brave Ads have seen a 930% increase from the 97 million ad confirmation events reported in October 2019

The Brave Ads Grant Program also continues to provide additional awareness and support for non-profits, especially in this time of economic uncertainty when they are relying more and more on donation campaigns. The program has grown to over 31 non-profits including Khan Academy, No Kid Hungry, GetUsPPE, Save the Children, and UNICEF France. The program recently expanded support to drive awareness and contributions through Sponsored Images

Brave Verified content creators have also grown significantly, with nearly 700,000 creators on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Web sites, Vimeo, and GitHub. Verified creators sign up to receive BAT, Brave’s built-in token payments, from their Brave-using audience. 


Downloadsite for Brave Browser godli.be/bravebro



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