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Our Startup Promotion, Free Pro Account, all features included


Lifetime Acess until April / GodLIbe Blog BookGet your free account for eternity until the end of April. Ideal for Youtube, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram


Use our Shortups like godli.be/forexample or mythink.in/forexample

Our Tool have features like possibility to modify the original URL and enrich it with parameters. This allows the users who call up the URL to be segmented using campaign tracking. This makes it possible to find out how many users reach the target page via the different channels (e.g. social media, e-mail newsletter and print ad) and the success of the individual channels can be better measured and evaluated.


  • Custom Alias
  • Easy to remember URLs
  • Easy to type URLs
  • 2 selectable URLs ( soon more )
  • Target URL can be changed at any time
  • Linking online and offline in cross-media campaigns
  • more precise traffic analysis / user segmentation per channel
  • Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Quora and more Pixels
  • Custom Alias Domain



If you want to use, a Custom Domain, please Contact us.

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