Take notes for your URL´s

Take notes for your URL´s


Make notes for your URL´s

Notes an extremely convenient function when you're creating plenty of hyperlinks with your way Godli.be Dashboard, simply because honestly, it gets confusing - There are many things going on as well as a swift tiny be aware may help you realize why you developed this website link, and what the weblink is focused on.

So let's go deep into a web link thus hitting the revised key really fast, and you'll see here we have the capacity to modify our location URL and our URL slug. And when we hit this gear symbol on top, our beta home window will available and after that, we'll be capable of adding more notes.

I wish for you to promote heavily on our Facebook web page, ensure that you use hashtag social websites examiner as well so that's within the take note. Upgrade it there you can observe here at the end and anybody else that comes into the account will discover the note and we'll know specifically what it's employed for.

This can be used jointly with a tag to assist kind things and help in keeping stuff organized, and make certain that everybody is on the very same site. Then success the Preserve switch, we're up-to-date. The hyperlink is good to go.

And that is certainly how you will use information. In case you have any queries make sure you may want to leave them inside the feedback beneath.

To use this feature, you obviously must Godli.be URL shortener which can be used and may entry as free Feature.

How to use notes?

Go to your Dashboard, and edit your already published URL´s, you will find a "Note" field, put your text in, and save it.


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