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QR Marketing


QR Code Marketing will be a trend in 2021 and next years


In 2016, Google announced for the first time its plan to introduce a mobile first indexing system, in which the indexing and evaluation of search results is based exclusively on mobile page content. As more and more people search the Internet using mobile devices rather than desktops, it is much more practical to use an indexing system that prioritizes mobile content. Even though traditional Google crawlers are still used to some extent today to analyze desktop pages, Google will fully implement Mobile First indexing in the future.

This means that mobile optimized content is more important today than ever before.

QR Code technology is easily accessible
Today, people get up-to-date information about their favorite bands and products through their mobile devices. And that's exactly why QR Codes are so well suited for marketing. QR Codes are by nature aimed at mobile users, they are also cost effective, universal and help you reach your target audience in the physical world to connect them directly to your digital platforms.

Increase the awareness of your brand
More design options mean more flexibility in personalizing your code to add value and brand consistency to your mobile campaign. Whether you need to create a brand-specific code that fits seamlessly with your corporate logo or one that is customized to a specific theme, you have a wide range of options. You can upload your own image or logo and choose the colors for the background, foreground and layout of the landing page optimized for mobile devices. You also have the possibility to add a custom frame with your own CTA and adjust the shape and color of the corners of your personalized QR Code.

What do QR Codes offer you?
When it comes to optimizing your marketing campaign, the answer is: a lot! QR Codes give you the flexibility to add more content, in different formats and without disturbing the design of your packaging, breaking your brand identity, deterring your target audience with too much text or ruining you with excessive printing costs.

Brand Transparency
Customers today want to know everything about the products they use in their everyday lives. And the use of QR Codes is a unique opportunity to provide consumers with comprehensive information about your products and services - in a targeted manner, rather than hoping that they will somehow find what they are looking for in the vastness of the Internet.

With our Atlas Tools (soon) PDF QR Code, you can convince people to do business with you by showing them the success of your business to date in a mobile and easily downloadable document. You can also use it to offer additional user instructions on your packaging or provide buyers with positive customer reviews to increase loyalty to your brand.

Object Linking
Since the Internet, at least so far, only extends to digital platforms, object linking is used to overcome the barrier to the physical world. For this purpose, URLs are attached to material objects or concrete locations.


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