Is Pagerank That Important

Is Pagerank That Important


Pagerank - it is in the center of the debates of experts SEO and is misunderstood owners of sites. It was one moment when Pagerank was the device par excellence to determine where your site was positioned in the results of the search engines.

It was, by a series of calculations, a measurement of the importance of a site Internet site. But what is it today? "You wonder whether a new Web site is worth the sorrow to be visited? PageRank posting of the bar of tools provides the classification associated with this site by the automatic algorithms with Google." Explanation of Google on Pagerank on their page of assistance for the bar of tools.

Pagerank is perceived by being measurement much that Google employs to evaluate the importance given to a Web page. A concrete example I give you an example. We worked with a customer in the sector of the insurances to position their Internet site in the first ten results. After three months of work baited at the sides of my specialist team in promotion on the search engines, we succeeded in leaving the site our customer of the hollows of Google and to position it in the first page.

During our meeting with our customer, it raised a concern: one of its competitors obtained higher Pagerank than its site lately optimized. The fact that our customer is positioned in front of his competitor did not seem to have of importance. It was the perception of our customer, particularly due to the explanation of Pagerank by Google, that their page was not regarded as important. Being in the activity of the promotion of sites in the search engines, we know that the posting of Google Pagerank is unimportant, but those which do not evolve/move in our activity do not know it.

They know only what Google indicates to them. The posting of PageRank de Google is not an indicator of importance To show with our customer that Pagerank does not measure if a site is good or not, we made a test. We took a domain name which we had but who was unutilised , we added text which did not have any direction, with bonds pointing on the same page. We added some backlinks (entering bonds) so that the site is indexed by Google, we sat down and waited.

In 5 weeks, one of our test pages filled with foolish text obtained Pagerank of 5/10. Many important Internet sites, diffusing useful and interesting contents, with much from backlinks natural, never obtained such a measurement of importance. And yet our useless site managed to obtain rather high Pagerank. If the posting of Pagerank evaluates really the importance of a page, why our site-test would be regarded as such? The fact is that the page is not important, in spite of what posts Pagerank de Google.

Which is the content of the posting of PageRank?

If a Net surfer makes a research for a purchase on line and arrives on the page of a site with the required exact article and at an advantageous price, shouldn't it buy the product under pretext which Pagerank does not grant of importance to this page? The only use of the posting of Pagerank would be for the people who want to optimize their Internet site for the search engines.

Naturally, if the posting of Pagerank is quite as vague that that of our example, it is also useless with the optimizers. Although Pagerank can be a factor in the way in which a site is positioned on Google, the posting of Pagerank does not offer any real advantage. Thus should put the posting of Pagerank to us at the wall cupboard.

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