1. You can short your Links into Shortlinks

What is simpler to share? 

- This: http://rund-news.com/bggabfsdgs/lomsni/s34ho - Or this: godli.be/va7 Or this: godli.be/yourcompany 

Nonetheless, numerous connections are long and tedious for SEO reasons. Website design enhancement, or site improvement, is tied in with positioning higher in Google, and one of the elements Google and other web crawlers consider are watchwords in the URL. This makes a problem for the client - the URLs help portray the substance, however are long and are difficult to share on messages, pages, and particularly web based life administrations like Facebook and Twitter. 

Godlibe help tackle the issue of making URLs increasingly reasonable to share. Furthermore, you can use your own Domain, to Short up Links with our Tool. We have asell URL´s like mythink.in - tolink.in - shorten.be and more



2. Live Analytics

We provide Data in the form of live click data, geographic location, the webpage link where the link was clicked, and more. This type of information is invaluable to webmasters and digital marketing or other companies - it shows where customers are coming from, when they are coming, which device and many more Features, like Social Media Pixels (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest)




3. Megatools

We have paid special attention to the use in marketing cases. For example you can choose a custom link like tolink.in/myblog or godli.be/mymail


  • Deep links

Our tool recognizes deep links, which means that Facebook and Co. recognize a link and directly show your preview, or directly import Yotube videos, like a normal link. You also have the possibility to show a frame with your logo, or to show a video in a window you have designed yourself.

  • QR Codes

When you generate a link, a QR Code is generated as well, which you can display on t-shirts or wherever else, and the user will be directed to your site.We will be in our blog articles, you can find our blogs at

  • Link Rotator, and public Bundle of URLs

You can also add 10 links or more in one shortlink and have your pages rotate randomly. It is also possible to create a bundle of links, or add your URLs to self-proclaimed link lists, which you can make public, and also rotate them with a link.

In our Blog you will find more Tipps, Tutorials, you will find this here https://godli.be/usage (this is a shortlink with custom alias for example)

For personal Question or Support in any case you can write us a mail to support@godli.be


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